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Jewish New Year 2016 Wishes, Sayings, Message, Prayers, Quotes

 Rosh Hashanah is celebrated as Jewish new year.’ Rosh’ is the Hebrew  word which means head and    ‘shanah’ means year. Rosh Hashanah is the “Head of the year”. Jewish new year is the two day festival, which start on first day of Tishrei. Jewish new 2016 is celebrating with jewish new year wishes, jewish new year sayings, jewish new year 2016 messages. Erev Rosh Hashanah is the eve before Jewish new year day. On Jewish new year ,piyyuttim which is the religious poems are added to the regular services. The Shofar (musical instrument) is blown during religious prayer Amidah for Mussaf.

Jews and their children enjoy Shofar  in the new year eve. Jewish new year include foods like  apple dipped in honey that symbolize a sweet new year. Rosh Hashanah meals also include “head of the fish” that symbolizes the high level. Other local foods  include Black eyed peas, pumpkin filled pastries, leek fritters, beets and whole fish. Pomegranates are mostly used in many traditions to symbolizes more fruitful as pomegranates contains more seeds. Shanah Tovah is the common greeting on Jewish new year which means “good year”. When Jewish new year eve ends , people wishes each other as “G’mar chatimah Tovah’ that means “A good final sealing”.   

Jewish new year wishes : Shanah Tovah

Jewish new year is similar to Hebrew new year which is connected to the beginning of economic year in the agricultural of ancient east. Jewish new year is like a festival which is related to agriculture . It includes the cycle of sowing, growth and harvest. Jewish peoples can wishes to each other in different ways.

1)      “Shanah Tovah”  means a good year,rosh hashanah.
2)      “Shanah Tovah Umetukah” means a good and sweet year,happy new year.
3)      “Ketivah VaChativah Tovah” means  a good inscription and sealing,happy rosh hashanah.
4)      “Gmar Tov” means a good conclusion,jewish new year 2016.

jewish new year 2016,Jewish new year wishes,Jewish new year sayings,Jewish new year message,Jewish new year prayers,Jewish new year quotes

Jewish new year 2016 sayings


Happy Jewish new year Quotes for 2016

“Gam zu l’tova. This too is for the good.” Happy jewish new year – Nachum Ish Gamzu, Talmud, Taanit.
“People often avoid making decisions out of fear of making a mistake. Actually the failure to make decisions is one of life’s biggest mistakes.” , happy Rosh hashanah– Rabbi Noah Weinberg.
“Who is wise? One who learns from every man… Who is strong? One who overpowers his inclinations… Who is rich? One who is satisfied with his lot… Who is honorable? One who honors his fellows.” Rosh Hashanah 2016 quotes – Ben Zoma, Ethics of the Fathers.

Jewish new year Messages for Whatsapp

4.”Torah is not education, it’s transformation.” – Rebbitzen Dena Weinberg.
5. “If you are not a better person tomorrow than you are today, what need have you for a tomorrow?” jewish new year wishes – Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.
6.”Yeshuat Hashem k’heref ayin. The salvation of God is like the blink of an eye.” , jewish new year sayings– Pesikta Zutreta, Esther .

jewish new year 2016,Jewish new year wishes,Jewish new year sayings,Jewish new year message,Jewish new year prayers,Jewish new year quotes

Jewish new year 2016 or Rosh Hashanah will start from sunset, October 2 till nightfall, October 4. Like earlier Rosh Hashanah festival, in this year Jewish will enjoying new year with full happiness , joy , Shofar blast. In this day all Jewish are happy either it is children or adult. jewish new year prayers and jewish new year quotes ,It is time to change your calendar, review your mistakes that was happened in past and time to judge yourself that you are right or worng. Jewish new year sayings , messages are Gut Yuntoff (“Good holiday”) and Gut Yor (“ A Good Year”).


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